Janet Gwen Designs Most Popular Gifts

Most Popular Gifts

Struggling to find the perfect gift? We’ve compiled a quick list of our three top-selling products to help you crush it this holiday season.

Buyers beware: you might just be dubbed the ultimate gift giver. ūü§∑

  • Silk Leather Gold and Logo Marble Macbook Case
  • If you didn‚Äôt know, marble accessories are a really (really) big deal right now‚ÄĒit‚Äôs pretty much guaranteed that you can‚Äôt go wrong gifting anything with this chic, veiny design.

    Still, this classic Macbook case is more than just a decorative shell; it works over-time to protect the laptop from the inevitable dings, scratches, and small spills that are sure to occur during a typical workday. As an added bonus, all of the JGD cases ship with a FREE matching silicone cover to lay over top of the MacBook's keyboard (we have both the American and European/QWERTY versions) to keep out dirt, dust, and moisture‚ÄĒor, if the person you‚Äôre buying for is like me, crumbs‚Ķ. #routinesnacker

    Simply put, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

    Pssst. We have lots of variations of this marble Macbook case! Shop our full catalog here.

  • Hand-Painted Phone grip.
  • Let‚Äôs be real: with the ever-growing size of today‚Äôs smartphones, our hands just can‚Äôt keep up. ¬†Insert collapsible phone grip and voil√†! Our phalanges will no longer know the struggle.

    Basically, you pop, lock, and don’t drop it (sorry Huey, I'll never miss out on an opportunity to make a substandard dad joke).

    Each phone grip is HAND-PAINTED (protected with a weather-proof sealant) to match our unique phone case designs (‚Äėcause why would you sacrifice looks for convenience when you can have it all?).

    And the best bonus of all? The phone grip also operates as a stand for propping your phone and a headphone cord manager. Pretty cool, right?

  • Hand-painted Phone Case
  • Buying for a friend that‚Äôs resilient, stylish, and one-of-a-kind? Get them a phone case to match!

    Each phone case is a protective case with original, hand-painted artwork designed in-studio by Janet Hoang‚ÄĒa.k.a. premium style with trusted protection. It‚Äôs made to withstand your everyday wear-and-tear as well as the abrupt and unforeseen (like the dreaded drops, dings, and scratches that send a cold shiver down my spine ūüėę).

    Give the gift of style and protection with this chic, practical design! Shop our full collection of hand-painted phone cases here.

    What will you be gifting this holiday season? Check out our complete list of holiday gift guides here.

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