Operational Assistant

Must be local to Charlotte, North Carolina or Huntersville, North Carolina. 

Part Time: minimum 15 hours a week. 

We will require 1 day a week-  of maximum 4 hours in person. Holidays hours may vary and you must LOVE dogs. Bonnie and Clyde loves making new friends and they are cuddle bugs.

We're looking for a unicorn that has a vast skillset enough to be dangerous. 

Skills like: 

  • photoshop
  • social media/ know how use IG stories
  • Bonus: tiktok
  • photography
  • videography 
  • familiar with adobe suite
  • etc. 
  • is there a skill you have that is beneficial to a small business that we haven't listed? Let us know!

Here's the thing, we don't need you to have professional equipment or even be super experience with photography or videography- you just need to know how to use your iPhone.

This job will be task oriented and require tech saviness as we use multiple platforms to run JG.

We are a fast growing business, so you must be quick to learn and quicker to adapt. Having a Macbook is suggested. We are a small tight knit team so a team player is a must as well as a all hands on deck mentality for bigger projects. 

Overall qualifications:

  • Be solution oriented 
  • Show flexibility and pivot when necessary
  • Take initiative
  • Tech saviness (we are an online based business.)

This is a position where you'll be able to see the entire inner workings of JG and work closely with Janet. There will be an opportunity to grow into a set role of your choice as the the business grows. 

Please email us at info@janetgwendesigns.com with the following: 

Name in the subject line.
In the body of the email include:
*Your name
*Where you live
*Your Myers-Briggs personality type
*Your enneagram personality 
*Your hourly range
*Your skills and any experience you think is relevant.
*Any bonus relevant experience you have with small businesses
*Instagram/Tiktok handle
*Why you want to work for JG