Romantic Blush Hand Painted Phone Case

$ 148

Dress up your iPhone with premium style and trusted protection using a Janet Gwen Designs one-piece case—with hand-painted details. ✨ A practical design with luxe vibes ‘cause you deserve nothin’ but all the finer tha-a-angs 👸

Here’s the thing: being the busy boss that you are, your iPhone is essential to your workflow. Wherever you wander to (school, work, the local coffee shop—and sometimes even the waiting area of the place where you get your oil changed), your beloved iPhone’s in tow.

It’s indispensable… and you probably paid a pretty penny for it. Why not show it some love?

Carefully designed and hand-painted in-studio by JGD founder, Janet Hoang (and sealed with a weather-proof topcoat), this phone case is a unique work of art. However, it’s not just limited to a pretty face; this tough anti-shock plastic case slips on and off in a flash, protecting against drops, dings and scratches—as well as everyday wear-and-tear—so you can dive into your fast-paced work days without a second thought. 👏


  • Rose Gold and White
  • Hand-painted in-studio by Janet Hoang (sealed with a weather-proof topcoat)
  • One-piece anti-shock plastic protects against drops, dings, and scratches
  • Precisely-cut openings allow easy access to all ports and controls on your phone.

It’s high-time you invested in a phone case that’s resilient, stylish, and one-of-a-kind, just like you.

“My goal has always been to create beautiful, high-quality pieces that withstand the everyday wear-and-tear of an on-the-go lifestyle. More importantly, I want them to start conversations and help you create real-life connections. If you're on the street and someone notices your JGD hand-painted phone case, I hope they stop to talk to you about it.. and I especially hope that the small talk could spark a new, life-long friendship.”

— Janet Hoang

Founder/Artist/Creative Director of Janet Gwen Designs

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Different size

I am dying to buy this case but they don't have it for an iPhone XS max!!

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