Calathea Fusion White 4''

$ 20

This one loves attention and that’s true to her nature. If you start to neglect her she’ll let you know. Treat her right and she’s your BFF. Her beauty will make you smile anytime you look her way. P.S. did we mention she’s a rare find?

Light: She likes it just right. Light to medium indirect sunlight. Too little light and she’ll lose her luster but too much light and she’ll shed her leaves. Don’t put her in front of a window but don’t leave her in the dark. She still wants to see what’s going on; she’s not a total vampire.

Water: This girl loves a drink. Think little but often. Her soil should be slightly damp but not soaked...that’s too much. Make sure to mist her once every two days. Filtered water is best but you can also leave your sink water out overnight. We won’t tell if you don’t. 

Toxicity: She loves a party, so invite all your friends and pets. She doesn’t bite.

Repotting Needs: She’ll stay cozy for about a year or until her roots start to overgrow. Once it’s time, pick a good hydrating soil and a pot that matches her personality. She’ll let you know what she likes.

PRO TIP: if her leaves are brown- mist her lightly with distill water + put her in a brightly lit (indirect sun) room and she'll perk right back up. 

Please also note that each plant will look different based on growth. Some are smaller but will flourish in no time with proper care. 

*Gold dish shown for styling purpose only

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Calathea 💕
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