Marble Snow Queen Pothos 6''

$ 26

This lady is the queen of easy going. Not only does she brighten things up but she helps remove toxins from the air to bring good vibes and purify your space. Will have small trails like pictured!

Light:  Medium or bright indirect sunlight for her.  As in, she still likes a bright room she just doesn’t like to sunbathe. She can also tolerate low light. Just no direct sun - so don't put her under the window.  

Water: Requires moderate infrequent watering. It’s best to let the soil dry out before hydrating again. 

Toxicity: She’s easy going, just don’t eat her. She could cause mild harm to pets or people.

Repotting needs: No need to move her for up to a year. When it’s time, check to see if the soil is loose and the roots are out of room. Use a good draining soil and cute pot for her new home. She’ll be good as new.


*Gold dish shown for styling purpose only

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Gorgeous 😍😍
Beautiful and Bright

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