Modern Propagation Station Box Set

$ 40

Elevate your space with these modern hexagon propagation station. Full cut out or half-  turn it any way you want!

Easily attaches to the wall with a 3M sticky- so no drill or screw needed! 

The test tube attaches magnetically to the base, so clean up and water changes are a breeze.

Comes in a box set for easy gifting!

Please apply the base of the propagation first to your desired spot. Press firmly on the base for 30 seconds to ensure it stays put!
Flat walls work best for application :) 

Hand made in Charlotte, North Carolina 

Please note: Hex Outline means it's fully cut out, and Hex Half is half cut out. 


  • 2 Hexagon Outline/ or 2 White Marble Stations
  • 2 Test tubes 


Hexagon: 2.5 inches in diameter; 1/4

Stones: 2 inches

Test Tube: 1x8''

Our hexagon design is exclusively ours. Copyright 2020 Janet Gwen Designs INC. All rights reserved.

Customer Reviews

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So Easy, So Stylish, So Satisfying

When I first saw these wall mounted propagation stations, I was intrigued by the design and the space saving solution. Janet Gwen got them to me so quickly and I am SO HAPPY with them!! They look great and feel really durable. I love that the magnet holds them firm to the wall but it’s still smooth and easy to take them off and change the water. My cuttings are just starting to sprout roots and my table is clear for more plants. All around, I would HIGHLY recommend these. I will be buying more. Like, a lot more.

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