Pearls & Jade Pothos 6''

$ 26

She’s the perfect no fuss plant. She’s easy to maintain and easy to forgive. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. She doesn’t require it. She’ll still show off for you.

Light: She likes medium to bright indirect sunlight. The bigger you want her the more indirect sunlight you can put her in. Low light is okay too but she’s happiest in a brighter room. Just avoid any window with the sun shining straight through. 

Water: Once her soil is almost dry she’s ready for her next drink! It’s okay if you forget. She doesn’t mind. She’ll let you know if she’s had too much, her leaves will start to turn brown. Scale it back a bit and she’ll be just fine. Key word: Damp.

Toxicity: If eaten she may cause mild harm and irritation to pets and humans. We know it’s tempting, but try not to munch.

Repotting Needs: After about a year she’ll be ready for her next pot. Look for signs that her roots are running out of room. A good potting soil with a larger planter and she’ll be just fine. She’s not picky. 

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