Plant Cuttings

$ 6

 Fill up your propagation station with our rooted cuttings. Each will have at least 2-3 leaves and some root formation. 

Cuttings are now shipped flat rate, however please note it could be in the box for 5-7 days. We will not be responsible for any cutting that arrives wilted or dead if you choose this shipping method. Please keep in mind it is a live plant cutting and that is a risk to take. 

Due to seasonality, we can only send what is in stock. We can guarantee it will be at least in the potho family: 

  • Snow queen 
  • Pearl and Jade
  • Golden Potho

If you would like it sooner you can choose priority 2-days at checkout.

**Please be aware of the weather in your area when choosing to purchase a cutting and always open your package immediately.

PLEASE READ: Plant Policies and Shipping

By ordering, you're agreeing to our policies outlined above. *

Also need a station--> see more here!

Customer Reviews

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Plant cuttings

Arrived in perfect shape, look lovely and thriving.


Was happy with my cutting


I Just don’t know the names that go with the photos!🌱

Hi! If you change around the selection the pictures will change to match!

Plant Cuttings

I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered 4 kinda and they came quickly and in perfect condition. Im growing the roots out more so that I can plant them. I will definitely order again : )


I bought three different plant cutting to use with my new propagation set. When they arrived 1 was already turning black and I put it right in some water but after two days it died. A few days later another one died. Fingers crossed for my last cutting, but bummed that two of them died. I love the idea of offering plant cuttings, but mine didn't even make it a week. Maybe I was too far away from where they were shipped? Something to think about before you purchase.

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