if you’re popping into Janet Gwen Designs, you’re ambitious as all get out, and anything but traditional — but more than that? you don’t want the products in your life to be either! when you purchase from us, we're automatically BFFS and part of a community ready to take on the world with our stylish, handmade pieces that shout,“I got this!” whether you’re bellowing from the rooftops, the dance floor, or the conference room. we make your hustle beautiful, aim to start authentic conversation, and inspire you to go after your wildest dreams — because you can.

meet me!

(the Janet behind Janet Gwen Designs)


founder + artist + creative director

Hey there! I’m Janet, a twenty-something entrepreneur who decided to take a different route in life. It was never my dream to go to college or take a traditional path in life. I knew I wanted so much more than that. I did try college and dropped out. So to whoever was about to say ‘don’t knock it till you try it’, well I tried it and ‘dropped’ it. (haha, no? Okay moving along.) It’s not for everyone; if it was your path I have the uttermost admiration for you! I, however, had a strong passion for creating things and painting. Texture, depth, and color are what make my heart sing.

Funny enough, Janet Gwen Designs started when I was in high school. First known as Sincerely JQH, then MadebyJH, then finally what you know it as Janet Gwen Designs. You can say my business had a bit of an identity crisis. Anyways, my mom gave me my first ever phone case. It was not a pretty sight for sure. It was something she had picked up from the flea market. I was 17 and broke, so I had no money to buy a new one. I was taking art class a lot and hung out in art class whenever I had a free moment. Mr. Gander, my art teacher, showed me some artwork print (I wish I remember who!), and I was immediately inspired by the swirls of colors; then I thought what if I added more texture and depth? It started on paper, but I was looking at my phone case…well, you can guess what happened. I painted my phone case!  This technique can be seen in a lot of the original phone case designs! I stopped when I graduated through and went to college along with 3 part-time jobs over time. For the next 2 years, my entire life was all about work and school. I was wholeheartedly unhappy. I decided I couldn’t live my whole entire life this unhappy and unsatisfied. I decided I wanted more and would no longer settle for anything less. So at 19, in June of 2014, I opened my Etsy Shop and learned everything I could about running an online business. Thank you, Google for showing me the way!

I could never have imagined it would turn out to be what it is today. I am ever so grateful that I get to do what I love and live my dream every day with the support of my amazing boyfriend and team.

I create products, not to sell products, but with other bosses in mind! I want to inspire and encourage people to chase after their own dreams. I want everyone to have the opportunity to live their dreams, whatever it may be like I am blessed to do.

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